The former site of the New Haven Coliseum is a parking lot, literally. Our proposed mixed-use development will embody principles of Placemaking and Human Scale Smart Growth, in a regional, transit oriented development.

The project will be a model for creating thriving mixed-use neighborhoods where people live, work, learn and play in New Haven and Connecticut.

Where New Haven Welcomes the World
Development Plan:
  • 500 - 700 residential units
  • Over 30,000 square feet of retail
  • Over 80,000 square feet of other commercial uses
  • Over 30,000 square feet of public open space
Development Goals:
  • Create a thriving transit-oriented mixed-use urban neighborhood
  • Improve connections between nearby neighborhoods
  • Integrate public spaces for community gatherings and everyday users
  • Create jobs for New Haven residents
  • Generate incremental tax revenue
  • Attract, capture and retain existing and/or new businesses
  • Combine sustainable development practices and promote healthy living practices
  • Incorporate design elements into the existing fabric of the community
  • Include affordable housing comprised of no less than 20% of all residential units
  • Activate adjacent streets
The project is being led by a dynamic development team

Owner/ Developer

Owner/ Developer

Owner/ Developer


Design Consultant

Landscape Architect

Land Use and Zoning Law

Civil Engineer

Structural Engineer
In Partnership With:

City of New Haven

New Haven Works


Spring 2020

Phase 1A Building Construction Start Date

Winter 2022

Phase 1B Building Construction Date

Spring 2024

Phase 1A Building Construction Completion

Summer 2024

Phase 1B Building Construction Completion

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New Haven
Connecticut's second largest city
Founded in 1638
Current population 129,694
Largest employer is Yale University
Median age 30.7
14% of New Haven residents are pedestrian commuters, ranking #4 in the United States

Central to both Fairfield and New Haven counties

Connections to I95, I91, Rt 15, Rt 34

Walkable to downtown area and attractions, as well as State St. and Union Stations

Metro-North Railroad's New Haven Line to Bridgeport, Stamford, Greenwich, and New York City

Shore Line East to Old Saybrook and New London and Hartford Line to Meriden, Hartford, Springfield, MA

Amtrak (regional and intercity rail)

Driving Times
  • I-95 South
    • Fairfield: 31 min
    • Westport: 35 min
    • Norwalk: 38 min
    • Stamford: 48 min
    • Manhattan: 118 min
  • I-95 North
    • Mystic: 60 min
    • Providence, RI: 119 min
    • Boston, MA: 163 min
  • I-91 North
    • Hartford: 42 min
    • Bradley Airport: 56 min
    • Springfield, MA: 66 min
    • Brattleboro, VT: 120 min

Illustrative Site Plan

The former New Haven Coliseum Site is located at 275 South Orange Street, and is bounded by South Orange Street on the west, George Street on the north, State Street on the east, and a closed portion of North Frontage Road on the south.
Currently, the former Coliseum Site is being used for a 497-space parking lot, which is managed by ProPark.
Yes. The project will be developed in two phases consistent with the Developer and Land Disposition Agreement (DLDA). In Phase I, the first building to be developed will have a minimum of 16,000 square feet of retail and restaurants, and 200 residential units. Additionally, 25,000 square feet of public space (including a Retail Laneway running from South Orange Street to State Street through the middle of the Former Coliseum Site) will be developed.
The DLDA provides that when the City conveys the Phase I Land to the Developer, the Developer shall lease the Phase II Land from the City for use as a public parking lot until it is developed. The revenue generated from the public parking on Phase II Land will be split between the Developer and the City.
During Phase II, additional retail, restaurants, and residential units will be provided as well as other commercial uses, such as offices or laboratory research facilities. The total development (Phase I and Phase II) will contain at least 30,000 square feet for retail and restaurant use, 30,000 square feet for public open space, 500 residential units and 80,000 square feet of commercial space.
The DLDA requires that 20% of all residential units will be set aside as affordable. The DLDA also requires that the affordable units will be restricted to households with incomes ranging from 50% to 120% of the Area Median Income (“AMI”) as defined by the applicable affordable housing programs. We are working with funding partners to allocate 50% of the affordable housing units to households with incomes at or below 60% AMI and 50% of the affordable housing units to households with incomes at or below 100% AMI
Currently, the contemplated mix of units is approximately 30% studios, 50% one bedrooms, and 20% two bedrooms.
The project is largely privately funded. The City will work with the Developer to potentially secure grant money to help offset the cost of building the affordable units. We have also engaged an affordable housing expert/consultant, The Housing Development Team, to identify additional gap financing sources to help fulfill the affordable housing requirements of the DLDA. Please refer to slide 19 in the Community Workshop Presentation.
Please refer to slide 18 in the Community Workshop Presentation.

Public plazas are programmed with the intent of drawing people together throughout the day. The plazas are focused on accessibility and comfort. Lighting is used to strengthen specific areas and pathways. We have also put thought into utilizing public art, which can be a great magnet for children of all ages to playfully interact. Flexible design is employed via movable furniture and tables so that the plaza can change throughout the day at a moment’s notice.

We are very mindful that the Ninth Square is a diverse neighborhood with many school-age children. Our development will not only meet fair housing standards but also support intergenerational needs through support services. Additionally, the public plaza will offer recreational opportunities for people of all ages in both quiet and active spaces (possible climber for children or water feature), as well as entertainment for different age groups (festivals, performances, etc.). The amenity space in the new building will provide co-working, gym and lounge space, and outdoor private space for all ages, and the restaurant and retail space on the ground floor of the building aims to offer ample shopping and eating experiences for all of the residents of the building.

We have negotiated and executed a partnership agreement with New Haven Works, which gives priority in consideration for hiring to New Haven residents for construction jobs and certain permanent positions, and also includes job fairs for construction opportunities. We will also advocate with our commercial tenants to encourage them to enter into partner agreements with New Haven Works, and will sponsor job fairs to connect our tenants with New Haven residents seeking jobs created because of the project.

In terms of the City’s workforce and small contractor programs, we will comply with the requirements of Section 12 ½ (25% minority and 6.9% women labor) and Section 12 ¼ (25% MBE/SBE) as required by the DLDA. We have had the requisite pre-meetings with the CEO and the City’s Small Contractor Development program. The actual sign offs from city staff will not happen until the general contractor is on board and under agreement to build the project – this is consistent with the City’s past practice.
The plan is to provide a thoughtful mix of placemaking-oriented ground floor retail, from food and beverage, to health and wellness.
We will make good faith efforts to identify and support entrepreneurs and startup companies in New Haven and work collaboratively with the City’s Office of Economic Development to recruit and assist small New Haven-based entrepreneurs to open businesses as part of the Project, including assistance with financing (tenant improvement dollars) and marketing. We have already started to engage local businesses to discuss our Phase I plans to determine if they would be interested in occupying retail/commercial space. In addition, we are talking to a New Haven-based business about providing a climber for children in the Public Plaza area. We are hopeful that many local businesses will be involved—our experience tells us compact, walkable communities foster the conditions that promote innovation and idea flow, where growing companies will want to locate.
We have a Traffic Impact Study that was performed by our civil engineer, Fuss & O’Neill. We have also coordinated our plans with New Haven Transportation, Traffic and Parking.
We will promote environmental sustainability. Alternative modes of transportation are critical to the success of the Project as well as the future success of New Haven as a whole. We will construct the commercial uses to LEED sustainability standards and will use best efforts to construct all residential spaces to LEED sustainability standards.
Stormwater runoff from the majority of the developed site will be collected in roof drains, surface grates, and curbside bioswales. Stormwater runoff from the buildings, access drives, and plaza will be collected and conveyed to a subsurface stormwater infiltration system. Stormwater runoff from the proposed sidewalk areas adjacent to the proposed buildings will either be collected in curbside bioswales or discharged directly into the City-owned drainage system. The proposed stormwater management system will reduce a portion of the flows leaving the site, thereby improving water quality. This will result in a decrease of flow rate and volume to the City system from the proposed development for the 10- through 100-year design storms, thereby reducing the burden on the City system. A small amount of runoff from the developed site will enter the City-owned storm drainage systems within the surrounding streets. There is opportunity for a portion of the stormwater collected to be reused for either mechanical systems or for irrigation. Flow from the majority of the site that is not infiltrated or reused will ultimately discharge through the City-owned drainage system to the New Haven Harbor of the Long Island Sound.

The proposed site redevelopment plan designates that more than 50% of all onsite non-roof hardscape or paved areas will either be tree-shaded or concrete walks which have a Solar Reflective Index of 29, per the City’s Zoning Ordinance Section 60.2 “Reflective Heat Impact.” To achieve compliance, the proposed site design incorporates planting of shade trees along the bituminous paved roadways and light colored concrete and/or pavers to be used for sidewalks and the plaza area. In addition, there is also a park-like feature proposed to add green space to the project.
Yes. We’re big fans. The Project will participate in any Bike Share System developed by the City or Yale, as appropriate, at the request of the City or Yale University, and will include at least one facility on the Property.
The Laneway will be an intimate new retail street extending from Orange Street to State Street, lined with specialty uses. Small retail and restaurant spaces on the ground floor, with arts, cultural, office, and residential spaces on upper levels, are designed with the intent of drawing people into the Laneway.
Building I, the Retail Laneway and the Public Plaza to be constructed during Phase I have been subject to a rigorous design review process by the Executive Director of the City Plan Department and outside architectural and landscape architectural reviewers. We believe that the improvements designed are reflective of New Haven’s rich history of modern architecture and also connect the site with the Ninth Square, Union Station and other surrounding neighborhoods. We will continue the same process for the design of the improvements in subsequent phases.


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